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The Abiding Ladies Newsletter provides monthly encouragement to abide in Christ one day at time. Each month, friends receive motivation to continue making progress in clinging to the Lord through the word, prayer, and fellowship. But who are the Abiding Ladies?


We are the women who treasure verses like:


Joshua 22:5


Jeremiah 15:16


Hosea 6:1-3


Golden nuggets we found one quiet morning or night that captured the desire of our hearts. 


We are the women who identify with Peter when he responds to Jesus with the words, "Lord, to whom will we go? You hold the words of eternal life." 




God has made himself known to us. He interrupted our lives, offended our hearts, convicted us of sin, led us to repentance by his kindess, filled the void in our souls with himself and recreated the very fiber of our being. He gave us life. Abundant.


We are the women who do not take the gift of life lightly. When we read John 15:5, we took him seriously. Our whole lives are bent on abiding in Christ. 


We need him. He fulfills. He satisfies. He nourishes. He commissions. He blesses. He lifts up. He.. He.. He... is our everything. 


Our very existence is hid with him in God. We FIGHT to remember this in a world of constant distraction. We don't even trust our own hearts to keep us on track. 


We live by his word. We chew on it. Study it. Marinate in it. Put it to work. We pray, and we are learning to pray fervently. We worship. We engage our hearts with the Heavenly Father. We love. We cry. We get angry at times, but we do not give up. We cling to Christ TOGETHER. 

We cling to the One who will make all things new. And we do not cringe at the word obey. We learn it through suffering and we strive for it through faith in the One who already died for our imperfect pursuit. 


We are the Abiding Ladies. Some of us have been on this path for years, and some of us are just getting started but know there is no other place we want to be. 


We believe that abiding consists of persevering in the word, prayer, and fellowship. 


We believe in progress by the abundant grace of Jesus. 


We hold each other accountable. 


We spur one another on to love and good deeds in our families, the church, our neighborhoods and workplaces.

We pass on what we know to other hungry women, because we know the truth. We can know the Word of God for ourselves. We can handle that word rightly. We can abide and lead fruitful lives without the titles, status, or a platforms the world attests we need in order to make a valuable contribution to society. We can be disciples of Christ and make disciples of Christ right where we are as mothers, wives, single women, sisters, daughters, employees and employers, neighbors and friends. We've  been doing it for centuries. 


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