Hey there!

I am a wife and mom who loves Jesus and also loves to write. And that's pretty much why this website exists.

Many people search the web for tools for reading the Bible. I’ve created one that I’ve used with women in my life. And it’s my go-to exercise when I can’t focus. When you subscribe to the Abiding Ladies Newsletter you get a free, abbreviated version. You can find the full one here.

This website isn’t a ministry, side hustle, or business. It’s a small space where I collect writings and reflections that may encourage you in your walk with Christ.

I was recently blessed by this quote from a hymn. It summarizes where I’m at in life and why I’m okay with not having a writing schedule or a strategy for building a platform at this time.

“So I ask Thee for the daily strength, to none that ask denied,
And a mind to blend with outward life while keeping at Thy side;
Content to fill a little space, if Thou be glorified.”

—Anna Lelitha Waring

I do not need to stand out.
I do not to be read.
God has called me to a small and sacred space,
full of people I love,
and I am content where he has me.

Writing is a gift He’s given me to enjoy and He will do with my words what he will. I pray some article, some sentence, some scripture shared here blesses you today.


Laura Hardin

P.S. For what I believe, see my church's statement of faith.


Laura T Hardin and her husband, Adam reside in Landover, MD with their three little ones, Oscar, Laurielle, and Julia.