Welcome to the Abiding Ladies blog! I am a Christ-following wife, mother, and writer. I created this blog to be a hub for all things related to abiding in Christ one crazy day at a time. To abide in Jesus simply means to stay connected to him by faith. We do this through his word, prayer, and fellowship--his means of grace for our life with him. When we are stagnant in our walks with Jesus it's usually because we've begun to neglect his grace and to do life our way. But our ways will not lead to a flourishing life in Christ.  


I'm here to tell you that a flourishing, joyful life in Christ is possible. 


Jesus promised that if we abide in him, we will grow. We will bear fruit in Him. We will be transformed into his likeness. Often, we can think this happens without any real effort from us at all. We think, "If I just spend time with him, the rest will come." 


While it is true that God helps us to grow in our obedience to him by His Spirit, this help often involves our taking small, intentional, steps forward. And it often involves strategy and planning. 


My hope and prayer is to not only encourage you to behold the glory of Christ in his word (2 Corinthians 3:18), but to also take faith-filled steps forward in the areas of obedience the Lord has placed on your heart. For we are not transformed simply by reading his word, we are transformed as we meditate on it and apply it to our lives. 


Real change is possible in Christ. I lost sight of that for awhile, and I imagine I am not the only one.  Let's encourage each other to keep hope alive. 


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With you in Christ, 




P.S Here's my beautiful family. My #1 ministry and simple joy! 


Laura T Hardin and her husband, Adam reside in Landover, MD with their two little ones, Oscar and Laurielle.