• Laura Hardin

You Are Sick Every Day. Act Like It.

My husband and I call it being fierce. We exhort one another to fierceness anytime one of us feels a scratch in our throat, the heralding headache of incoming illness, or congestion accumulating in the back of our nasal passages.

It's a concise way of saying, "Do whatever it takes to rev up your immune system and annihilate every hint of sickness from your body." It's intense because it's our way, and we like it.

Just in case you're wondering, being fierce involves taking crushed garlic like a pill with a cup of orange juice, downing a glass of Emergen-C, gulping down cayenne peppered water if we have sore throats, and drinking diluted Elderberry syrup. And bone broth. Lots of bone broth.

What's the fuel behind my fierceness?

I'm a huge baby when I get sick. I don't think anyone likes being sick, but I absolutely hate it. One could even say, I fear it. So I do whatever I possibly can to avoid the nightmare. That being said, once you're sick, there's nothing you can do about it but look for the silver lining.

And my silver lining is my beautiful skin. By the time I finally feel better, I feel REALLY better. My skin looks great. I have more energy than usual, and I am ready to enjoy life again. While considering this the other night, I turned to my husband and asked, "What if I treated my body this way every day? What if I lived life as though I were sick every day instead of waiting until I feel something is wrong with me?"

Here's the thing: I am sick every day. Until I shed this sin nature, also known as the infamous flesh, and am at home with my Lord, I will be sick with a bent to wander from God, an aptness to forget my first love, a tendency to relish all that is wrong and to bristle at all that is righteousness.

I am aware of this illness when I struggle, but even on good days, the above paragraph is absolutely accurate. And it's because I am human, a descendant of Adam, and very much like the Israelites of the Old Testament. When reading through the Bible, it is so easy to judge them for their inability to remain steadfast in the Lord. But we are them and they are us. The EVERYMAN if you will. They represent us all.

And get this, friends, this is by design.

We were created to be dependent beings. And once sin came into the world, humans had to depend on the Lord to even depend on the Lord. We don't like this. We would looooove to thrive on our own materially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually....

It's hard to surrender to the reality of how much we depend on God to do or be anything of eternal value.

I believe this is part of the reason the Gospel offends so many. It's not just the bad news that we are sinful and deserving of eternal judgement. It's the paralyzing reality that we cannot fix it ourselves.

We are desperately poor and needy every single day of our lives. Yet it is often only when we struggle or are in a crisis that we live like it.

It's no wonder Jesus taught the disciples to abide in Him in John 15:1-8. He told them that if they remained in Him, they would bear fruit. He also told them words that have stuck with me since the first time that I read them in high school, "Apart from me, you can do nothing."

God often has to shake up our lives to remind us how important it is that we stay close to him, remembering who He is and who we are as his children.

But what if we lived like we were sick every day? What if we lived like we were desperate for God every day? What would change? What would it look like for you to be fierce for the Lord on a daily basis? What does it take for you to walk close with God throughout the day?

And I'm not talking about feeling close. We can't control our feelings.

I'll answer for myself. It would look like stealing minutes with Jesus whenever I can. As a mom of two under two, I am not guaranteed a "quiet time" with Jesus, but if there was opportunity, I would definitely seize it. I would turn up my worship and sing! I would pray often and I would pray aloud. I would memorize Scripture. I would fellowship with women, not just venting but spurring one another on by sharing what God is teaching us through our circumstances.

And I'm not talking about a perfect pursuit. I'm merely talking about a pursuit. I would pursue Jesus. Daily. It would be my daily adventure. My daily challenge. And my daily celebration.

God knows how you are wired. He knows what stirs up your affections. So what would it look like for YOU to do whatever it takes to walk with him today?

Drop a comment below. Let's be fierce together!