• Laura Hardin

A Pivot to Podcasting in 2020

At the start of this year I hit a major writing block. My youngest was seven months and crawling, and suddenly the idea of writing while having three children three and under seemed a bit crazy.

"I'm going to stop writing for awhile," I told my husband one night.

"What's awhile?" he asked, which was a good question since I asked him to hold me accountable.

"I don't know. I'm hoping to not write seriously for three years or so. I might blog a little here and there but no deadlines."

And then COVID happened.

And an ad that said I could start a podcast with my Iphone.

And here we are.

Like many in 2020, I now have a dog and a new podcast.

It seems I'm one of those people who can't help creating something.

I still can't write much about mothering or racism in America or about what I'm learning in my time with God. I'm holding that close, trying to process the things that matter most to me with my heavenly Father before I succumb to the compulsion to spill them out before the public.

But 2020 has been the year of getting back to what I love. And if you know me, you know I love pondering God's word with others. I've stumbled upon something so exciting. It's a lot of work, but it's good work. Season 2 of The Ponder Podcast begins Monday, August 31 and I'll be pondering Ephesians with many friends--some I know online, some are friends from various chapters of my life, another attends my church, and then there's the woman who discipled me back in college!

I've pivoted from writing to podcasting.

I still write.

But the words come slow.

They are learning to submit to the process of good workmanship.

They are taking a seat to witness the patience required to produce a decent podcast episode. What if I really slowed down and crafted my articles, not doing just enough to sound like the writers on top right now, but writing as Laura and composing the pieces on my heart.

On that note, I have an article in the queue of a major platform. So I can confidently say, the days of my writing are not over.

They are just taking a backseat to something super exciting right now. Take a listen when you get a chance. Listen on August 31 to hear original music from my husband and, hopefully, better quality.

I stopped using my iphone about halfway through season 1.

You're welcome.