• Laura Hardin

Introducing The Ponder Podcast

Updated: Mar 23

Today I did a thing.

I've thought about it for a long time but didn't think I'd be able to pull it off without the recommended software, mic, and whatever else goes into podcast production. But today I saw an ad for Anchor, a free, user-friendly app that helps newbies like me podcast. So I did it. Marketing works, folks.

And knowing my limited capacity I chose to focus on what I love most, the holy word of God. And I'll be doing the thing I love to do most with friends--getting into the word, using The Ponder Method. This podcast is not meant to replace your personal time in God's word, but it is meant to entice you to go get that one-on-one time with Jesus. It's a hearty snack while you're running errands, cooking dinner, doing chores, or slipping away to get your sanity back for a minute.

I'm super excited for these short, sweet, amateurish (just being real) episodes. Listen to the first episode below or on Spotify.

Transcript of episode:

The Ponder Podcast exists to encourage women to set their minds on things above through pondering God’s word on the go.

This podcast is not meant to replace your personal time reading and studying God’s word but is rather a snack for you as you run errands, clean, or just need a moment during a crazy day.

They say writers should create what we want to read. I suppose that goes for podcasting too. Often I scroll through my subscriptions for something that will help me linger on the goodness of God. I pray God uses this podcast to that end.

For the first episode of the Ponder podcast, I want to begin with talking about what I mean by Ponder and share with you The Ponder Method—a simple guide to spending time with his word.

This is the method I will use in future episodes as we read God’s word and ponder its truth together.

You can get a pdf of this guide at my website. And when you subscribe, you receive a one-page quick guide to this method as well. Let’s jump in.

So I just read part of Ponder: A Simple Guide to Time Alone with God as an introduction to The Ponder Method.

For our purposes, I want to go over the method and how we will use it in this space.

When using it on your own, you’ll choose a Bible verse and passage. And the guide goes into how you can go about doing that. On the podcast, I’ll choose passages that God has used in my life recently OR use passages that you suggest to me! More to come on that.

It’s good practice to pray before getting into the word, so I’ll do that here. I’ll pray that God opens our eyes to wonderful things in his word. And that he will use our time to compel us to dig into the word more on our own.

After prayer, we’ll go through the 3 P’s of the Ponder Method: Peer, Ponder, Practice.


Depending on the length of the passage, we’ll read through it once or twice. I’ll share what words, phrases, or parts stick out to me here. We’ll linger over them a bit.


Then we’ll reflect on his word, considering the following questions: Why did this stand out to me specifically. Yep, I plan to get personal here. What does this verse mean within the context of this passage or book? What does this passage/verse tell us about God? I’ll note any questions I have. Because I’m no expect, friends. We’ll definitely leave our time with questions. But I pray we’ll also leave our time encouraged and built up. I also note any helpful cross references to refer to for deeper study.

It’s important that we do not take me-centered approach to Bible reading. The Bible is not primarily about us. It’s about God, and it’s meant to draw us closer to him.


What are you compelled to do as a result of reflecting on this passage? How can we practice what we’ve learned. I’ll get personal a bit here to as an example. And remind us often of a helpful acronym: SPECK. As we read, we can consider is there a sin to confess or avoid, a promise to claim through prayerful memorization, an example to follow, a command to obey, or new knowledge about God to note and praise him for?

And that’s about it. These imperfect, amateur episodes will be short, sweet, and Christ centered. Less teaching and more beholding God in his word together. Thank you for joining me today.

When can you steal away to be with Jesus? Remember, a few minutes can go along way. You don’t have to wait until the next episode to spend time in God’s word in a way that engages your heart. Visit to get your copy of the The Ponder Guide. And more to come in how you can participate in our times together in God’s word through the Ponder Podcast.